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As a communications agency, we naturally master different tools. But it is our demand on ourselves to always tread new paths and to enrich communication with new, special tools.

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Our strength:
The visualization of an invisible world

The power of images in communication is unbroken. Pictures, whether rigid or moving, enliven every story, every product and every statement. They visualize, entertain and explain. But if you want to stand out, you need unique images that stand out from the crowd of press and product photos.

Together with our scientific photographer Stefan Diller, we are breaking new ground in medical-scientific imagery. Through the development of extraordinary imaging techniques with the scanning electron microscope (SEM) it is possible for us to integrate unique images and film sequences into the communication.


With a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a world can be made visible that remains hidden from the human eye. SEM images make it possible to depict objects and living creatures in an unprecedented depth of detail and sharpness and to amaze the viewer.


The worldwide unique nanoflight technology by Stefan Diller makes high-resolution video recordings of objects in the micrometer range possible. And all this in hitherto unknown quality, whether in 4K, HD or as a VR application. nanoflight videos attract attention through aesthetics and science. Guaranteed!

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Originally used in research to study tiny materials and organisms, this technique allows images to be taken with a point-to-point resolution of about one nanometer. SEM images provide a unique view of material surfaces, organisms and cells. There are no limits to the choice of the object to be photographed. No matter whether pollen, body cells, insects, metals, plants, product surfaces… – scanning electron microscope images always provide a new view of familiar objects.

REM images: The advantages at a glance

  • trengthen your press work. REM photos are popular images of the media – especially the quality media.
  • Enliven your advertising material. Image brochures, advertisements and presentations with REM photos will be remembered by your target group.
  • Create unusual eye-catchers and attract more attention.
  • The right photo design for your science photography or training materials.

Insight into the world of microstructures

The nanoflight® technology is based on the modern MIRA3 field emission scanning electron microscope and an object holder that can be moved in eight axes to within a few nanometers. A SEM normally only delivers still images. Combined with this globally unique object holder, any object in the electron beam of the SEM can now be moved and photographed in such a way that it resembles a “helicopter flight” around the microstructure. The images generated in this way are then combined using special software to form a camera flight around the object and digitally colored.

Nanoflight: The advantages at a glance

  • nanoflight sequences have a high value-added chain: presentations, training courses, youtube, portals, TV formats.
  • You want to land in prominent online portals with your topic? nanoflights can do it!
  • Use nanoflights as unique video material for your press work and advertising.
  • Experience your topic in an editorial TV environment without an expensive advertising budget? nanoflights can do that.

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