Whether sober infographics, spectacular animations, sensational photo motifs or original video sequences – if you want to be noticed, you have to pack your products and services into unique forms of visualization, which should bring your core messages to men and women in both multi-media and cross-media analog and digital media. Healthcare and life science topics demand an explanatory visual language that makes complex content visually accessible for experts and laypeople.

In view of a constantly growing flood of information on the Internet and increasingly complex content, it is always a new challenge to stand out from the competition with unique visualizations. We are the partner you need to create an eye-catching visual world for your products and messages.

Our services



  • illustrated processes
  • illustrated processes (biological/chemical processes)
  • CI-compliant complex diagrams & data visualizations
  • Cycles and life cycles
  • illustrated instructions (step by step guides)
  • Graphical documentation



  • mascot development
  • Mascot/image figure development
  • themed comics
  • emotional disturbers and playful icons
  • optically appealing drawings from
  • Molecules or cellular motifs
  • …. from plastic 3-dimensional design up to modern puristic folding designs



  • image videos
  • Image Videos
  • Intro and Crossfade Sequences
  • Report and video interview incl. cut and abdominal bandages
  • Nature and macro photography
  • General Video Audio Compositing

animation 2D/3D


  • animated infographics
  • animated infographics
  • How-to style explanation videos
  • Effect animations for presentations
  • GIF and Video Loops
  • 3D modelling and virtual camera flights

nanoflight / REM


  • cellular motifs: lymphocytes, tissue sections or bacteria
  • Small animals as objects: Fleas, ticks, roundworms etc.
  • effectively staged and coloured stills
  • Object rotation and camera movements
  • Measurement and optical surface analysis



  • thematic photo series and narrative gallery creation
  • character photography, person shoots or portrait sessions
  • Stock management and photo research
  • key-visual/image photo for campaign
  • Image effects, photo collages, retouching and editing

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