Pharmaceutical companies operate in a healthcare market that has become more complex and in which pure one-way product communication is no longer attractive. Self-confident doctors and the “informed patient” type are no longer passive target groups or customers, but demand a more active role in the market for medical products and services.

Patient participation, the demand for evidence data on the medical benefit of a therapeutic and shared value approaches in product development and therapy decisions are current trends that pharmaceutical companies must integrate into their communication strategies.

We support you across the entire spectrum from product to stakeholder communication with our medical-scientific know-how and our insight into the dynamic changes in the healthcare market.

Our services

advisory boards


  • Conception & content planning
  • Creation of all contents
  • documentation
  • Installation of interactive elements (TED)
  • event management

round tables


  • Organization
  • Conception & content planning
  • Briefing of external speakers
  • medical writing
  • documentation
  • publication production

medical education


  • Slide kit creation internal/external
  • Conception & realisation of webinars
  • Implementation of CME-certified advanced training courses
  • Development of interactive training series
  • Use of AR & VR

medical writing


  • medical PR
  • Medical PR (digital/print)
  • Preparation of publications
  • case studies
  • compendia, product manuals

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