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This is what we stand for

If you want to draw public attention to a certain indication, you have to understand the symptoms and treatment methods – but you also have to convey something else. He must make information understandable, formulate convincing messages and tell gripping stories in order to reach readers, listeners or viewers. But he also needs to know how the healthcare industry works: Which rules apply, which peculiarities have to be observed and which procedures have to be followed.

For the presentation of your topics around science, pharma, biotechnology, life science or medical technology, you need a partner who can move skillfully in both worlds: an agency that has both specialist knowledge from the health and science sectors and journalistic competence and skillfully combines these two worlds. But above all, someone who thinks outside the box and always finds ways to be successful. convergo!

This is what we stand for


At convergo, we specialise in translating specialist information from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and medical technology sectors. Not into another language, but into understandable, convincing messages. To this end, we place the human being at the centre of your story - not just the facts. This enables us to reach both the specialist public and the general public. We analyze what constitutes a specific product, indication, therapy or corporate brand and turn it into a story suitable for the media.

This is what we stand for


"convergo" comes from Italian. It means: "I bring together". We chose this name for our agency because it reflects what distinguishes us: We combine information with emotion, specialist knowledge from the health market with journalistic know-how, your communication goals with reporting in the media.

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This is what we stand for


Founded in 2008 by Martin Komorek as a science PR agency, convergo has focused clearly on the healthcare industry from day one. Since then, the owner-managed agency has grown continuously. The team of consultants, editors, online specialists and communication designers now designs product and corporate communications in all media formats for our clients.

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